Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Animal prints will never go away. How many do you own?

Every girl should have something leopard print in her closet.

Either a sweater, a jacket, a pair of shoes and defiantly a bra (or two).

Leopard prints at one time showed a sign of elite status. Men hunted and used skins to show signs of wealth.

The Royals and actors/actresses made leopard prints popular with dresses, coats and pants. I can remember as a kid watching First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy (whom I was named after) wearing that iconic leopard coat. Women, including my mother ran out to buy one.

Who can forget Rod Stewart running around the stage in those leopard pants?

A FaceBook fan asked this question:

"TE" In terms of color, is black much more popular than red? Do you think seasonal differences make that much difference in color selection?

What a great question! In the last 31 years of being in the intimate apparel business I can honestly say I’ve watched some major trends come and go. I can tell you in all those years nude and black bras have always remained the #1 selling colors. On the onset of each season either nude or black will have a surge along with red and animal prints. Other colors and prints make appearances but why have animal prints never become boring? We sell leopard prints all year long!

We feel sexy and feminine when we wear animal prints which is why we were so inspired to create our supportive leopard lace collection.” Ellen Jacobson Of Elila.

Elila’s Leopard collection has an amazing fit with a size range to fit everyone, 36-50 DD thru K cups. Check it out…

Animal prints will never go away. How many do you own? 

Thursday, June 16, 2016

An inch is always an inch so why is every bra size not the same?

An inch is always an inch so why is every bra size not the same? 

It has the same letters. It has the same numbers. And yet it is not the same, not the same at all.

Is a size 7.5 shoe the same for every shoe? Nope. Is a size 10 in Levi jeans fit the same in every style. Nope. Does every bathing suit fit the same? Nope.

This is why we spend so many hours in a fitting room.

No wonder so many women are wearing the wrong bra size.

If we lay two bras side by side with the same cup size but different band size you can see why every bra is different even though they are the same cup size.

To add to the confusion there is no standardization within the same vendor either.

Women actually need these variations because every single one of our bodies is different.

Here are a few key things to remember:

  1. Every single bra fits differently so it’s okay to buy different sizes
  2. Pick a style that is right for your body not because it’s trendy or pretty
  3. Different outfits need different bras so buy more than one style

Sister sizes are hard to grasp. The key thing to remember is as each band size (the number) increases so does the cup even though the letter remains the same.

So, a 36G and a 40G do not have the same cup size. But wait, they both have the letter G as a cup size. Well, as each band size increases the cup size proportionately increases too.

This means in some styles you can go up or down in the cup size as you change the band size. Here are some examples: a person who wears a 36G can also try these other sizes; 38F or a 34H. See what we did? If you try a bigger band size you can choose a cup one size smaller. If you try a smaller band then choose one cup size larger. Now this doesn’t work every time so you need to use your judgment but don’t be afraid to try it!

In the picture below the top bra is 36G and the bottom is 40G and you can see a big difference in the cup even though they are both G cups.

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

To have an underwire or to not have an underwire…that is the question.

Yes, that question seems to come up almost daily.
The simple and yet complicated answer is that it depends.
It depends on your shape.
Every single size can wear both. It doesn’t matter if you’re an A cup or
if you’re a N.
What’s more important is the shape of your body and the shape you would
like your chest to have.

Smaller cup sizes can benefit from underwires to look more shapely and
bigger. Or wireless bras with padding can do the same thing.
Underwire bras for larger cup sizes are beneficial for shape and
shoulder strain as well.  The more your breasts are lifted and supported
the less strain on your shoulders and neck. There have been direct links
to migraine headaches and woman who wear the wrong bra size. No wire
bras are great for larger cups sizes or uneven cups. If you are pear
shaped the best thing is a wireless bra because it is more forgiving and
lays flatter on the ribcage.
If you have a short torso or high ribcage then an underwire can hit you
at the wrong place and a no wire would be more comfortable.

Some woman shy away from an underwire bra because they think they are
uncomfortable. That can be further from the truth. If it’s uncomfortable
then there are usually just 2 reasons.
#1 you are wearing the wrong size…. Our Fitting Room  (check out our Fitting
#2 you might be shaped with a high stomach, pregnant, or have a hernia
to name a few.  

So, the most important thing is to get the right size first and then
it’s a choice of wire or no wire for shaping and best fit.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

We found an interesting article from USA today that a 600 year old bra
was discovered. (click to read article)

This made us think….WHY do woman wait so long to buy a bra???
Do you wait until the wire pops out? Do you wait until there is a hole
in it? Do you wait until it’s too small…turns yellow…has a stain…the
strap breaks???

What do you wait for???

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Thursday, July 5, 2012

How to transform the bra you already love...

The warm weather makes you pay closer attention to your bra. It’s true.
No one sees your bra or bra straps in the winter. You might need a
strapless, a t-back, halter, criss cross, one shoulder, or low back.

Does that mean you need 6 different bras for summer? Not necessarily.
There is one tiny accessory that handles most of it.
The Strapper! What a great invention. Made in the USA and virtually

Most of us love our bra and hate switching styles. Wouldn’t it be
fabulous to have your bra converted into what you need for that day? The
Strapper and another accessories can do the trick when you need it.

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Choose your sport then choose your bra…

Choose your sport then choose your bra…

Not all sports bras are created equal.
You wouldn’t wear the same shoes for basketball that you would to run a marathon so why would you just have one sports bra?

Here are some basics:
Never wear your everyday bras for sports including walking. An everyday bra is not meant to take the abuse of a sports bra nor does it have wicking ability, which "wick" away perspiration from your body, allowing you to stay drier.

Choose your bra according to the amount of activity that you will be doing. Yoga, weight training or walking activities could use a light weight/low impact sports bra. Running, basketball, softball, volleyball, zumba require the most support/high impact sports bras.

You don’t have to have a uniboob anymore! The updated styles actually give you great separation and don’t squish your breasts together like they used to. Most even come with underwires now that are very flexible and offer the most support and compression.

Do the test…jump up and down… run in place….do a yoga pose. Make sure the bra is comfortable and doesn’t pinch or bind you in any way.  Remember, support depends on fit. We can’t say that enough. If the bra fits and you picked the right one for the activity then you will be so comfortable that you won’t even know you have a bra on.

Bras don’t last forever and neither do sports bras. Most need to be replaced more often. Some say after 72 washes. We say, as long as they are tight fitting and the elastic is still tight and not unraveling then it’s still good. The most important thing to watch out for is bouncing. If your breasts are not compressed and held by your bra then you will stretch/tear your breast tissue. Once you stretch/tear there is no reversing the damage.

Get out, have fun and stay healthy BUT choose the right sports bra first!

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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

How long should a bra last?

How long should a bra last???

That’s a question I get almost daily.
You would think it would be an easy calculated answer but it is not.
Sometimes you just know when you bra has had enough and needs to get tossed in the donation pile. Now you might think, what did she just say? YES, I said donation pile. I will hit on that topic at the end. 

The longevity of a bra is usually 6-8 months. Wacoal recommends after a 100 washings. A thru D cups might last a bit longer than DD-N cups. Now that depends on how many you have and how often you wear them. Also, you need to follow the washing instruction’s that was the topic of our last blog. 

Unlike me, most women have any where from 2 bras to 7. I hear a lot of woman say that they have one for everyday of the week. I have no idea how many I own but like most woman I gravitate to a chosen few. 

A good way to tell that your bra has lost it’s lifespan is when the elastic is stretched out. Are you getting enough support? Are your breasts jiggling as you walk.  Is the padding all clumped together and not smooth? Is it so loose that even the tightest hook doesn’t keep it in place? These are all good questions to consider. 

Don’t wait for the underwire's to pop out or getting holes it the cup. Then you waited too long. 

Nursing and sports bras won’t last that long. They get a lot more abuse from wear and stains.
Make the investment in a good bra. You wouldn't think anything of it when you spend $30-$100 on a sweater or a pair of jeans that you might wear once a month. You wear a bra everyday and remember that sweater won’t look good if you are not wearing a good bra underneath. 

Now back to the donation part. Most women do not think of donating a used bra. Women’s shelters are in dyer need of undergarments. I’m not telling you to donate a torn or mangled bra but donate gently used ones and help a woman in need.